CCTS Collaboration

 What’s the Project?

In 2016, DVR began partnerships with state ESDs and CCTS to implement innovations in the improvement of transition outcomes for students with disabilities.  The project aims to:

  1. Increase post-school outcomes in employment and postsecondary education/training programs for students with disabilities in Washington state.
  2. Provide a coordinated set of pre-employment transition services between LEAs, ESDs and DVR agencies throughout Washington state.

Central features of the project include district-level Transition Learning Communities (TLCs) and regional Interagency Transition Networks (ITNs).  The project will culminate in a statewide summit to share and report on the overall process, outcomes, and promising practices discovered in the pilot sites.

ccts Transition Specialists, DVR Pre-Employment Transition Consultants, and esd representatives connect and collaborate via monthly video conferences, quarterly in-person meetings, and ongoing updates in Basecamp, a web-based project management platform.

Pilot Site: A single district or a group of districts joining as a single collaborative. To become a pilot site, districts responded to application questions, which included completion of the Quality Indicators for Secondary Transition (QuIST). Pilots were selected based on demonstrated familiarity with their Indicator 14 data and a commitment to improving post-school outcomes. 

Transition Learning Community (TLC): A workgroup comprised of teachers, school counselors, paraeducators, administrators, and/or other stakeholders from within a pilot district/collaborative. TLC members attend regular meetings and Transition Specialist-facilitated workshops. TLCs analyze IEPS for transition services and examine post-school (and other relevant district data) to create a SMART Goal-driven action plan. 

Interagency Transition Network (ITN): A team of school leaders, teachers, students, parents, agencies, local businesses, and/or other stakeholders who work to improve transition services for a region.




Who’s Who & Where

The intent of this section is to provide comprehensive partner descriptions and up-to-date contact list of:

  • DVR transition consultants + respective CCTS transition specialists
  • DVR transition counselors
  • DVR regional managers
  • ESD liaisons
  • School liaisons
  • TLC pilot leads 

DVR Pre-Employment Transition Consultants: DVR personnel who work with schools to identify student pre-employment needs and develop/deliver training:

  • Tammie Doyle (ESDs 101, 171)
  • Becky Gellerson (ESDs 105, 123)
  • Nick Harris (ESD 189)
  • Amy Lystad (ESDs 113, 114)
  • Emilie Ruehs (ESDs 112, 113) 

CCTS Transition Specialists: Independent contractors who prtner with DVR transition consultants and facilitate TLCs.  They also coordinate ITNs across the state:

  • Jamie Buchholz (ESD 121)
  • Ande Chapman (ESDs 105, 123, 171)
  • Cindy Duncan (ESDs 114, 189)
  • Ed Koehl (ESDs 112, 113)
  • TBD (ESD 101)

Who’s Doing What

The intent of this section is to provide a summary page of:

  • TLC pilot site projects
  • ITN projects (if any)