Interagency Transition Networks (ITNs)

ITNs are teams of school leaders, teachers, students, parents, agencies, local businesses, and other stakeholders who work together to improve transition services for their region.

Under CCTS’s contract with DVR, CCTS Transition Specialists and DVR Pre-Employment Transition Consultants worked directly with ESDs to help build and support meaningful, sustainable networks that will improve postsecondary engagement in employment and education.

Given that every ESD is unique, ITN development looks different in each region. Wherever your ITN is in its development process, CCTS and DVR are eager to collaborate and assist.

Invite CCTS to attend an ITN meeting

ESDs that have existing ITNs can invite CCTS and DVR to attend a meeting by working directly with their designated CCTS Transition Specialist or by emailing CCTS can offer guidance on goals and norms as needed, and/or serve as active and engaged participants on the ITN team.

Request CCTS to help develop an ITN structure

ESDs that are interested in establishing ITNs in their region can work directly with their designated CCTS Transition Specialist or email CCTS Transition Specialists can help ESDs identify and define key stakeholders, ITN vision and goals, and strategies for ongoing ITN meetings and operation.